Saturday, February 8, 2014

305 kms on Hwy #1 South-south-south!

Day 21 - Monday, November 25
Distance - 305 kms = total for day ~ 9 hrs!
Trip Odometer =  2533 kms
Route - South from Hoi An on Hwy #1 to Quy Nhon.
Hotel -  Hoang Yen Hotel ($31 US)
Weather -  Sunny and beautiful leaving Hoi An... then downpour rains along Hwy #1.  Eventually rain mellowed and we dried out somewhat with spitter-spatter rain and broken clouds.

We were sad to leave the comforts of the Ha An Hotel in Hoi An, but we knew we had to push south.  We finished up another amazing breakfast at the hotel, packed the bikes and hit the road.  It was beautiful leaving Hoi An and making our way the short distance out to the hectic Hwy #1 south.

Once on the #1, we pointed our bikes south and knew what to expect with the large truck traffic, busses passing busses and cars, cars, cars - add the honking horns of varying decibels.  Yes, the #1 was busy and hectic, but it was manageable.  I think when we decided on this route, we knew what to expect.  What made it difficult was the weather.  When it started to rain, it came down in buckets, relentless rain.  Along the side of the Hwy where scoots normally run, there are generally a few pot holes and dips here and there.  With the rain, all of these holes were filled and they were difficult to see.  We had to slow down at times due to these 'hidden-traps' along the highway.  It made for some challenging riding in a few areas.  

Seeing that we had the oil changed on the bikes just over 1100kms, it was time for another ~1000km change.  At one point, we passed another Yamaha dealership (I think it was the city of Quang Ngai), so I quickly pulled over and we doubled back to the dealership.  We had such great service at the Yamaha dealership in the north, that I figured it would be a good choice again.

We were treated excellent.  Both bikes oil was changed, brakes tightened on Amanda's scoot and both chains lubed up.  Again, it was a grand total of under 10 minutes in the shop and under $10 total for the service on both bikes... excellent!

It was a long day in the saddle and nothing too exciting to post.  We arrived to our destination, tired and with very sore butts.  I found a hotel in the Lonely Planet the night before that sounded decent and we also found it without too much difficulty once arriving to Quy Nhon - a city of 275,000.

We pulled into the Hoang Yen Hotel right on the beach and asked for a 'room with a view'.  For around $30 US (including a big breakfast), we were up on the 7th floor (in the 10 storey hotel) with beach views below:

We found a restaurant for supper, and then headed back to the hotel to crash, we were exhausted.  

We had another long day ahead of us if we wanted to make it to Nha Trang the following day therefore rest was needed and quite welcomed.

Another day on the hectic #1 was in order to make it to Nha Trang...

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